Hajra Ahmad
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Freeing Tibet

In 1949 the Chinese occupation of Tibet forced thousands of Tibetans to flee the nation and seek asylum in neighbouring countries. HH the XIV Dalai Lama arrived in India in 1960 and established the capital of the Tibetan Government in exile in India.

For over 50 years the peace loving people of Tibet have been struggling passively for their freedom. In 2008 as China prepared to host the Olympics and the world looked on, the Tibetans hoped to bring attention to their cause.

In July 2007 a prayer ceremony was held in Dharamsala and hundreds marched for the cause while in Delhi 14 Tibetans maintained an indefinite hunger strike against the Chinese Olympics. On 8th August 2007, exactly one year before the launch of the Olympics in Beijing, a soccer match was played between the Tibet National Team and the Delhi 11 to establish the fact that Tibet is a free nation.

Free Tibet- Dharamsala-4126.jpg
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